My Short Story Journey Into Nefariam

Several years ago, I wrote a blog about things I found during a summer day to inspire my writing: .

One of the inspirations was a visit to the Keady market and observing the live animal auction. I began to imagine a dragon auction and what it would be like, who would come to such an auction, would it be dangerous?

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My short story journey into Nefariam

Exploring the House of Eternal Return

I recently got lost in the House of Eternal Return. I should not have been surprised. After all, when I opened the refrigerator, instead of shelves with packaged food was a dark narrow hallway. I bent my head and stepped into the fridge (a weird experience itself). And then, most alarming was that I eventually ended up in a cave with a giant woolly beast towering over me.

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Second Book Syndrome

I’ve been struggling with the second novel of my planned trilogy. I have all the words but it doesn’t feel like it holds together and I have no idea when or how to end it. My two main characters split up and I don’t know how to structurally deal with that. I try to console myself that the middle book of a trilogy is supposed to bethe hardest to write.

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